Similar Schools & Ranking

A school similar to the Yale School of Music would be world-renowned graduate program or, for undergraduates, a school focusing on academics with a major in music.

My picks for schools similar to the Yale School of Music’s graduate program in the US include the Juilliard School, University of Michigan School of Music, and Northwestern University’s Bienen School of Music. These are all significant classical music institutions that have some of the best faculty available at the graduate level as well as substantial funding.

At Music School Central, we rank the Yale School of Music very highly on our list at number 5 back in 2014.

If I were to do a ranking of the top graduate school programs for music, it would be in the top 3-5.

Please keep in mind, as with all our rankings, choosing the right school for you is based on your individual needs and that every rankings list is just the first step in you finding your best fit music school.


As noted, all incoming graduate students at the Yale School of music receive full tuition awards and fellowships. If you are an undergraduate, Yale University provides several opportunities including the Yale Scholarship (a need-based grant), merit-based scholarships from sources outside of Yale such as private companies, employers, and nonprofit organizations, and entitlement grants from the federal government.

You can find more information about scholarships and grants available to you and how to apply on the Yale website.

Any student applying to the undergraduate program at Yale University should also apply for the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) in order to maximize opportunities for receiving financial aid. Grants and loans from FAFSA can help pay for an acceptance to Yale University.

Is the Yale School of Music / Yale University Right for Me?

For graduate students, the alumni, faculty, and free tuition (including a fellowship) make the Yale School of Music an extremely attractive choice; however, undergraduates must consider their needs and ultimate professional goals.

Undergraduates looking for a Bachelor of Music should look elsewhere. But if you want to obtain a solid professional degree, a diploma from Yale certainly will open doors and, for some, pursuing your musical dreams with an Ivy League diploma to fall back on is certainly a sound option.

Further, if you already know you want to study at the graduate level, then the Yale School of Music’s Bachelor/Master of Music track provides another great path to consider.

Other things to consider are Yale’s close proximity to New York City and strong networking opportunities, the historic and beautiful campus, and, of course, the internationally recognized prestige of a degree from Yale.

Keep in mind the program itself is not the right fit for every musician as the Yale School of Music only offers the following areas of study: Strings, Winds & Brass, Percussion, Harp, Guitar, Piano, Organ, Voice, Composition, and Conducting.


For the Yale School of Music and many other schools, the application process can be confusing and difficult to navigate. There are many parts to understanding how to truly and successfully succeed in the audition process.

If you are interested in attending college for music, and you would like to receive high level assistance in how to audition, interview, and master the college application for the Yale School of Music or any other music school, check out Music School Central’s College Counseling Program.

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