Can you imagine being as famous as classical pianist Lang Lang?

Lang Lang is truly among the strangely famous in the field of classical music.

There are many notable people who practice this centuries old art. There are scores of cellists, violinists, composers who are all alive that we could point to as evidence of success in classical music.

But Lang Lang is just on another level man!

Lang Lang is among the most wildly famous classical musicians of all time.

Here are some of his accomplishments:

  • Named to the Time 100 Most Influential Living People in 2009.
  • Has been a soloist for nearly every single major orchestra in the entire world.
  • Attained a multi-million dollar Sony recordings contract.
  • Performed in front of nearly one billion people during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic games (that includes tv, of course).

The list can then go on to 4,957 bullet points…

But the point of this article is not to talk about Lang Lang’s fame and how super awesome it has been for him.

It’s to talk about why Lang Lang’s fame provides a really, really incredible opportunity for you to learn what actually goes into being a successful musician.

There’s something interesting about Lang Lang that is true for nearly every single other wildly successful musician who plays an instrument professionally.

From a technical proficiency standpoint, there are thousands upon thousands of pianists who are on par or close to being on par with Lang Lang’s musical ability. Nearly any classical pianist with a Master’s degree that has graduated from a top school of music can play all of the same concertos, sonatas, and music that Lang Lang can play.

You may point to differences in technique, virtuosity, expressiveness, etc. I would gladly have a discussion with you sometime about all of these kinds of things as they relate to the greatness of a musician, certainly.

But we have to look at the larger picture here of what actually makes Lang Lang as famous and successful with audiences throughout the world as he is.

Lang Lang

Lang Lang: Photo by Werner Tian Fischer Via Wikimedia Commons

Plenty of Masters and Docotral-level pianists graduate from Juilliard, Curtis, Michigan, Indiana, and hidden gem schools every single year that are just as, or at least close to, being as technically proficient as Lang Lang.

So what’s going on here!? Why is Lang Lang super successful and many other classical musicians are not?

Now before I tell you the answer, I don’t want you to think that, when I tell you why, you will all of the sudden be able to be as successful as Lang Lang.

Lang Lang is on an entirely different planet of fame. It doesn’t even really make sense to be honest.

But there is a very tangible reason why – I tell you on the next page.