Although other music schools such as the Jacobs School of Music offer more scholarship opportunities, the somewhat modest sum at the UNT College of Music of $945,512 in merit scholarships must be balanced against the low cost of tuition.

You can find a comprehensive list of scholarships offered at the UNT College of Music here.

Any student applying to the UNT College of Music should also apply for the FAFSA in order to maximize opportunities for receiving financial aid. Grants and loans from FAFSA can help pay for an acceptance to the UNT College of Music.

Is the University of North Texas College of Music Right for Me?

Given the impressive faculty and alumni, dedication to its students, and low tuition cost, the UNT College of Music should be an attractive option on any prospective music students’ list.

The school is located in Denton, Texas. The first thing you need to know about Denton is that UNT and the city are wonderfully intertwined and, because of the College of Music, residents of Denton take music very seriously.

The highlight of the year in Denton is the Arts and Jazz Festival, a free annual celebration supporting rising stars and big name headliners.

Of course, not everyone is up for living in Texas; however, if you enjoy the main fare, Tex Mex, and you enjoy mild weather (the average high is 76°F and the average low is 53.7°F) then Denton might just be the place for you.

A trip to the UNT College of Music and surrounding area should certainly be on your list before making a decision.

Keep in mind, the College of Music is on the larger side at approximately 1,500 students and the University of North Texas is a large school indeed at around 40,000 students; so those of you wanting a smaller music school experience may want to look elsewhere.

Finally, although I’ve stressed it before, the tuition at the UNT College of Music is quite reasonable for those looking to maximize their education while minimizing costs.


For the UNT College of Music and many other schools, the application process can be confusing and difficult to navigate. There are many parts to understanding how to truly and successfully succeed in the audition process.

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