Popular Music Performance (And Songwriting)

Finding the right schools for popular and contemporary music is challenging.

While most schools focus on classical and jazz performance, only a handful focus on the niche of popular music performance.

How do you get accepted to a popular music performance or songwriting program?

Typically, it starts with a great audition. We coach all of our students on how to pass auditions at popular music programs.

As a result, our acceptance rate for Berklee College of Music is 95%, significantly higher than the national average of 28%.

Secondly, it comes down to interviewing. Many schools (like Berklee) require a great interview.

From there, we help students with the entire application process.

That includes essays, resumes, applications, and more.

We have had students accepted to the best programs in the country, including USC Thornton, which has a 4% acceptance rate in their popular music program:


Spaces are limited, and we only take a small number of students each year.

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