How to Get Accepted Into College for Film Scoring & Video Games

film scoring photo

Film Composer Michael Nyman: Photo by monophonic.grrrl

Breaking into the film & video game scoring industries is among the greatest (and monetarily rewarding!) challenges a musician can experience.

Every single commercial, film, or media project of almost any kind usually has music accompanying its visuals.

The potential career earnings you can accrue in this industry, if you are up for the challenge and good at what you do, is very high.

Having a degree from an excellent, well-established school can provide you with the networking and connections into the industry while you are still perfecting your craft.

Getting Accepted Is Challenging

Because the industry has become so prominent, getting accepted to these colleges is more and more challenging.

We coach our students in the following to get accepted:

  • Creating a great portfolio of original work
  • Auditions
  • Interviews
  • Essays
  • Music Resume
  • Curricular and Summer advising
  • Scholarships

And more.


Spaces are limited, and we only take a small number of students each year.

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