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Music Business and Music Industry degrees are very different from most other music degrees.

These degrees focus much more on what goes on behind the scenes.

Some things you can learn as a Music Business Major include music contract law, how royalties work, creating an entrepreneurial music startup, how to manage artists, the finer terms behind Performing Rights Organizations (PROs), how to legally have employees in a business setting, and more.

This kind of degree is different than the traditional music degree; the emphasis is in favor of learning entrepreneurial skills and good business practices, as opposed to traditional performance and composition.

There are a wide number of music industry, music business, general business, general music, and music management degrees available throughout the country than ever before.

Sorting through all of these options while preparing an outstanding application is a challenging and stressful task.

Some schools accept students without much of a background in music performance.

That said, many high level Music Business programs, such as those at the Berklee College of Music and the University of Miami, require a performance audition into their program.

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