Develop Your Ears, Chops, and Networking at a Collegiate Level

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Photo by Tom Marcello

Perhaps the most significant part of being a successful jazz musician is having exceptional versatility while having your own unique voice.

You want to find a college that develops your ears so you can comfortably sit in on any group or big band session.

You want to find a college graduating students impacting musical circles throughout the world.

You want to get training from jazz musicians who have a distinguished track record of performing, recording, composing, collaborating with other big names, and teaching.

Yet, with so many high level collegiate jazz programs available to musicians today, it is difficult to discern which schools are worth your valuable consideration and financial investment…

Bill has helped jazz students gain admission into many of the top schools in the country, including Berklee, the New School, and many more.

When it comes to ensuring every single part of your application to jazz programs, including your live performance audition and admission interview, is up to the highest competitive standards, Bill can guide and assist you tremendously.

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