How to Get Accepted Into College for Musical Theatre Performance

As a musical theatre artist, you are probably familiar with the popular term “triple-threat.”

To become a formidable, competitive, and in-demand musical theatre performer, you must receive high-level training in three specific disciplines Рsinging, acting, and dancing.

Some musical theatre programs emphasize some elements more individually than others, while other programs place equal emphasis on all three aspects.

If you want to audition one day for jobs in casts on Broadway and beyond, you must excel at all three of these significant disciplines.

Finding the music college that will develop your triple-threat talents to a highly competitive, professional, and in-demand level is the best way to find a position in musical theatre once you graduate.

This industry is exceptionally competitive – finding the right college is critical to your future.

There are many options throughout the country that are excellent – with us, you will receive trusted guidance for gaining acceptance to the musical theatre program that will launch you into a major professional career.


We work with musical theatre students on every single part of the college admissions process:

That includes:

  • Finding the Right Schools: Every school is unique in their offerings. We help you figure out which is best for your future.
  • Finding the Right Faculty: As a performer, you study with the same group of faculty for four years. We help you find the right people for you.
  • Auditioning in Voice: You are evaluated by a professor who oversees performance auditions at a competitive college program
  • Auditioning in Acting: You are evaluated by a professor who oversees admissions in acting
  • Auditioning in Dance: You are evaluated by a professor who oversees admissions in dance
  • Interviewing: We work closely with you on the interview process, helping you prepare answers for the types of questions asked in college interviews.
  • Pre-Screen Recordings: We advise you on how to make an outstanding pre-screen recording.
  • Scholarships: We help you choose schools most likely to award scholarship. Additionally, our collaboration may help you receive tremendous merit-based scholarship as we prepare you for outstanding auditions and applications, both of which are looked at for scholarship consideration.
  • Music Essays:¬†We help you craft impeccable essays, personal statements, and other materials for college.
  • Music Resume: We help you build an impeccable resume’
  • Unlimited Consultations: Throughout the entire journey, you have unlimited access to us.

Here is an email from a musical theatre student of ours recently accepted to NYU Tisch, her top choice program


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