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Music therapy, a holistic alternative and complement to mainstream medicine, has become a highly respected, in-demand field in which its workers are employed in college institutions, correctional facilities, nursing homes, intervention programs, psychology practices, hospitals, senior centers, and more.

With this industry’s growth, gaining acceptance letters to top music therapy programs has become more challenging and competitive than ever before.

For insight into the best college music therapy programs, our boutique consulting program ensures students receive all of the services we provide our typical performance majors.

Most music therapy students must understand the basics of improvisation, music theory, and music history in order to gain acceptance to a good music therapy program

Additionally, students in our program receive insider tips on how to polish their application for admission to a top music therapy program; your credentials should not only demonstrate an exceptional interest and ability in music, but also experience assisting individuals with challenging health issues.

If you are looking into music therapy as a life-enriching, satisfying, and tremendously rewarding career, we can assist you in discovering the college options best for you.

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