How to Get Accepted Into College for Music Production

Music Production is an intriguing major.

Notably, getting accepted to a great school can yield a great employment outcome.

There are opportunities to work in studios, sound design teams, commercials, films, with other artists, and more.

There’s also the opportunity to create your own music – your own way.

Getting accepted to a school for music production is challenging.

How We Help Music Production Students Get Accepted

That includes:

  • Finding the Right Schools: Every school is unique in their offerings. We help you figure out which is best for your future.
  • Finding the Right Faculty: As a producer, you study with the same group of faculty for four years. We help you find the right people for you.
  • Portfolio: Your original portfolio is evaluated by faculty from a top performance school.
  • Auditioning: You are evaluated by a professor who oversees admissions auditions at a competitive college program. (NOTE – not all music production students play an instrument. If that is you, that is okay: we can still work with you)
  • Interviewing: We work closely with you on the interview process, helping you prepare answers for the types of questions asked in college interviews.
  • Pre-Screen Recordings: We advise you on how to make an outstanding pre-screen recording.
  • Scholarships: We help you choose schools most likely to award scholarship. Additionally, our collaboration may help you receive tremendous merit-based scholarship as we prepare you for outstanding portfolios, auditions, and applications, all of which are looked at for scholarship consideration.
  • Music Essays: We help you craft impeccable essays, personal statements, and other materials for college.
  • Music Resume: We help you build an impeccable resume’
  • Unlimited Consultations: Throughout the entire journey, you have unlimited access to us.

To this end, my students have been accepted to all the top schools for music production, including:

Berklee, Miami Frost, NYU, Michigan, USC, Belmont, MTSU, and more.


Spaces are limited, and we only take a small number of students each year.

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