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Music Production is an intriguing major when it comes to college applications, as different schools have vastly different admissions procedures and requirements.

Some schools require only a submission of a couple of original electronic compositions and recordings. However, such spareness is not common practice.

Some schools will want their music production students to also perform a live audition on an instrument. Additionally, other schools will want students to submit arranged music of existing works, such as Bach Fugues, for electronic instrumentation, unique sampled sounds, and original compositions for both electronic and acoustic mediums.

The application process can be infinitely complex and very challenging even for the seasoned music production veteran.

Bill has guided many students choosing career paths in music production and recording/media arts.

Bill is additionally familiar with all of the major software programs that students must know to succeed in the industry, including Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Digital Performer, Ableton Live, etc.

To demonstrate outstanding ability in music production, you must submit a highly qualified application to music colleges.

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