Discover the Music Education College Best for You

Music education is, by far, the most popular music major in the country.

The reasoning behind this is easy to understand – music education majors have excellent job outlook upon graduation.

Going through the various thousands of college options is not easy. It can be time consuming and confusing.

Nearly every college wants you to think that they have just as good of a music education program as anyone else.

The reality is, while there are great teachers that have come from a wide variety of institutions, there are some schools that not only provide for their music education students a broad, diverse, and open-minded curriculum, they also have greater connections into the job industry.

Our college consulting provides guidance for mastery of the complex application and audition process for music education majors, as well as a clearly-defined roadmap for choosing the music colleges best for a music education major’s specific interests & preferences.

As a music education major, you will very likely perform an audition and have an interview with the admissions team at a good music school.

Perhaps more than any other music major, presenting yourself and your personality is key for acceptance to a top-level music education institution:


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