California Institute of the Arts (Valencia, California)

At CalArts, it’s not simply music technology. It’s Music Technology: Interaction, Intelligence and Design (MTIID). This interdisciplinary program focuses both of students’ musical skills and the sound and visual technology that goes into the art.

This is illuminated in the coursework, which includes aspects of electrical engineering, computer science, physics, acoustics and math.

Additionally, students are able to flex their creative muscles across campus, whether they’re building visual installations alongside the art and theatre departments or scoring and sound designing for the animation department.

Faculty within the MTIID program are founders and CEOs of businesses, conduct Ph.D. research, release records on well-known labels and invent programming systems. Alumni from the program have persevered in the field, snagging jobs at Capitol Records in Hollywood, Apple and Universal Audio.

Indiana University Jacobs School of Music (Bloomington, Indiana)

Admitting only 15 students into its audio engineering and sound production program each year, Indiana University Jacobs School of Music takes hands-on learning seriously. It starts the first semester, as students are able to get into the studio.

As a junior and senior, those studying audio engineering will have opportunities to work alongside notable faculty, guests and students to produce CD projects.

In fact, the school has its own recording label, IU Music, which has released more than 50 discs. Over the course of their four years at IU, students will log more than 1,000 in-studio hours. Before graduation, each student will complete an internship to gain even more experience, oftentimes alongside noteworthy alumni.

Speaking of… the Jacobs School of Music audio engineering program has produced (pun intended) world-renowned artists, including Mike Flynn, a Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter and the senior vice president of A&R.

He’s also a staff producer at Capitol Records and has worked with a number of famous artists, including The Fray, Sara Bareilles, Howie Day, Shakira, Incubus, Sean Kingston and The Script.

Middle Tennessee State University (Murfreesboro, Tennessee)

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, is a town of approximately 132,000 residents that’s located about 45 minutes south of Nashville.

It’s there you’ll find Middle Tennessee State University’s audio production program inside the $15-million Bragg Mass Communication Complex. The building contains two recording studios, three mixing studios and a surround-sound theater, among other perks.

Also worth mentioning is MTSU’s participating in the Grammy U program, a community of college students across the country. Within the organization, students can gain connections to those already established within the music industry.

They’ll also have access to special events, workshops and professional development programs as well as the Grammy Pro online social network, which shares volunteer and internship opportunities as well as ticket giveaways.

Those who have received their degree in audio production from MTSU have gone on to work for big-time companies, including Avid, CMT, Cognitech, Mobile Recording LA, Nashville Symphony and Stillbrook Studios.