Finding the Right Music School – 10 Crucial Steps

5. Outcome of School

Let’s talk brass tax.

College is a major investment.

Getting the right outcome is key to that investment.

After all, why invest if the outcome is not there?

Ensuring that you end up going to a school that can provide you with the kind of outcome you want is hugely important.

Are students regularly getting jobs, positions, regular freelancing gigs, or graduate school placements within a few years?

Being a music major can yield a great career…

Finding a school that can help a student achieve the ideal outcome is essential for future success.

4. Scholarships

It is important to get an amazing education.

It is also important not to go into mountains of debt.

Here is the truth about merit-based scholarships (the kind you don’t have to pay back)…

Only some schools are generous with scholarships.

Navigating the landscape of scholarships is tricky…

As just about every school says on their financial aid website that they will “make education at the school possible for any accepted student.”

Does that mean crazy loan debt? Does that mean merit-based scholarship?

Different schools have different policies and levels of generosity in the merit scholarship process.

3. Connections

I know musicians in their 50s who still call upon connections made in college.

That’s the amazing thing about being in the right-fit school.

You will secure connections with other musicians, professors, students, professionals…

Lasting you a lifetime.

I remember one connection I made in my undergraduate…

His name was Preston Stahly and he directed a major music festival called Tribeca New Music.

One year out of school, I sat down with Preston for coffee in New York City.

One meeting led to another, and soon enough he programmed my own music to open the first night of his major music festival in uptown Manhattan.

Meeting the right people can lead to jobs, positions, internships, or just amazingly valuable career connections.

All of this can, and does, happen at The Right music school

2. Opportunity

Performance opportunity…

Recording opportunity…

Internship opportunity…

Exploration opportunity…

In some majors, such as musical theatre, the opportunity to perform for agents and directors…

Opportunity is the lifeblood of music school.

Any great music school will provide students both academic/educational opportunity as well as hands-on opportunity.

1. Chemistry Between Student and School

Finally, we arrive at the #1 most crucial factor to look at.

Every unique student will have a unique chemistry with a school.

Sometimes, this can be evaluated with someone who really understands the ins and outs of a music school and has experience placing students into school.

Other times, it takes a thorough investigation that includes touring, meeting people at the school, trial lessons, and much more.

Every student will have a unique chemistry with any school on their list.

I have seen two students of similar age and interests have wildly different reactions to the same school after visiting.

This is what I am saying…

Finding the right school is not simply about just checking off one or two boxes…

It is not simply finding a school with one good teacher…

It is a place that, after all is said and done, must feel just right to a student and family.

When all is said and done, and you have truly figured out which schools will fit you best, and have evaluated all of their merit, you are left with a feeling of yes or no.

Follow the chemistry, and you will be surprised just how perfect that music school can be for you.

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