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  1. musicschoolsouthcentral

    Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music has a Music Theatre program that (for the past 5 years) has signed 100% of its students with New York agents and managers including agencies as respected as Abrams Artists and Stone Manner. Countless alumni are currently staring on broadway/television/film. One just originated the role of Esmerelda in the new Hunchback musical (she graduated 2013) two others just stared in Peter Pan Live on NBC as a lost boy and Jane (2013 and 2014 graduates). All these schools mentioned are wonderful choices as well but have been on these “lists” for years. Just wanted to let people know there is so much more to a music theatre program than the name its established over years and years and years. The business is CONSTANTLY changing and you should find a program that really adapts to the transient ways of showbiz.

    • Kathleen Moore

      Very helpful comment. Thank you. I’ve heard a lot of great things about the program. It, too, appears on many “lists.”

  2. Lauren Quigley

    Could you give me your thoughts on Marymount Manhattan College? What do you think of their musical theater program?


  3. Erin

    Hey! If you have the time I would really appreciate if you gave me your thoughts on the musical theatre program at ball state university. Thank you 🙂

  4. Savannah Marie

    I’m from the UK and really want to study Musical Theatre in America, what college can you suggest for me to look at
    Thanks Savannah

  5. Maria

    Do you have any thoughts about the Musical Theatre programs at UW-Stevens Point (WI) or Western Illinois University? Daughter is seriously considering Musical theatre, but we’d like something within 4-5 hours of LaCrosse, WI, if possible. Also, what do we look for, specifically, in these programs? Thank you!

  6. Dottie Healy

    We live in Florida. My daughter has been in community theatre and vocals for many years. This is her senior year and we are starting to look at colleges. Are there any in Florida that you would recommend?

  7. Helen Hussey

    Hi Bill. My daughter has just been offered a scholarship for AMDA LA/NY. Could you please give me some honest feedback on what you think about the College. We are from UK and she is a triple threat. Thank you for your time. Regards Helen

    • TheaterMom

      Helen or anyone who has AMDA LA Experience
      Please give me your opinion of AMDA . My son has also been offered a scholarship and considering accepting for this coming Feb.


  8. Annette

    As a rising senior our daughter wants to pursue a BFA in musical theater. We would like to stay within the Chicagoland area. I like UW Stephen’s Point she likes Webster. Thoughts?

    • Lydia Anderson

      I had the exact same decision with my mom. I’m from Wisconsin and my mom loved UWSP but I got in for acting and wanted to be an MT, so I attended Webster. Where did your child end up attending?

  9. Cynthia Shaw

    I too would be interested in what you think about Ball State. It sounds impressive and pretty picky. My daughter is looking for a good musical theatre school. We live in IL and I would rather not send her off to NY or somewhere that far quite yet. Any suggestions? I was also wondering about Belmont.

  10. Aaron Ashfield

    I’m curious as to why Emerson College isn’t on the list. It is currently considered to be a top ten school by many different sources due to how it continues to excel while other schools are beginning to fall. It also has some of the most impressive performing venues.

    • Kathleen

      I’ve heard good things about Emerson’s program. Broadway Artists Alliance places it among the top 15 musical theater programs in the country.

  11. Tom McQueen

    What would interest me is not the big names that have come out of each of your chosen universities, rather I would like to know the number of working actors that come out of a college. Why it is fun to see where Broadway stars studied, I think the truth of the matter is that one can make a good living in regional and occasionally off Broadway productions. It seems to me this data must be out there. This would be a much more salient ” top ten ” list if you are able to produce it.

    Does this make sense?

    Writing from Seattle, WA

  12. Beth

    My daughter and I visited CCM last week and we were very impressed with how welcoming the staff and musical theatre students were to us. They did tell us that there were 635 prospective students that auditioned and 26 were accepted. Worth noting however is that they give everyone who fits into their audition slots(there are only so many audition time slots available), an in person audition, where as The University of Michigan requires a video audition first followed by an in person if you make the cut and are invited for an in person audition. As asked in an earlier comment, I too am curious as to what was meant by the comment of CCM being a cutthroat environment. Please elaborate. Thank you for the valuable information.

    • Kevin

      From what I understand about the Cincinnati Conservatory of music theater program, they, like other top universities that have a MT program, have what (I think) they call “boards” at least once a year. This is where the students in the musical theater program are individually evaluated by the sitting faculty, and their continuation in the program is dependent upon a good board performance and review. I was Asked to sub some classes in the dance apartment about five or six years ago, and I happened to be there just before boards were about to happen. It’s a very rigorous process, and students know that they could be “in or out” of the program at a moments notice. I’m pretty sure that’s what the “cutthroat” Is all about…

  13. Linda Kemp

    Abilene Christian University offers six BFA in Theatre tracks: Musical Theatre, Acting, Directing, Design/Tech, Theatre Education, and Theatre Ministry. Recent alumni include Ben Jeffrey (Pumbaa in The Lion King on Broadway for six years), Lara Seibert Young, and many more. Our distinctive: presenting an excellent training program from a Christian worldview. If you want competitive training and also want to explore the intersection of faith and the arts, check us out!

  14. Mike

    My daughter has received probably 20 scholarships in musical theatre but none have been full rides. She has won the state championship twice and score superior at nationals. What should our realestic expectations for college scholarships be? All the really good schools seem to like her but won’t decide until spring.

  15. Grace

    Hi! I am auditioning for Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. I was wondering if anyone knows of other musical theatre programs that can help lead me to broadway/west end? All the musical theatre schools are way to expensive for me 🙁

  16. A MT Mom

    My daughter is a Sophomore Musical Theater Major at Belmont University in Nashville. We are from across the country so it was a big deal to go there. She loves the program and it is VERY time consuming, difficult and rigorous! It was a very competitive audition process in which they only took 14 students in her class so they get very close hands on training plus Belmont is one of the top music schools in the nation with Music Business being the # 1 Major at the school. It’s MT Program is really making a name for itself and right now they have over 7 students on Broadway. The school only has about 7000 students and it is private and expensive. The MT program is amazing and the school is absolutely beautiful. She knows all of her professors personally which is awesome. The one thing that is difficult is that socially it can be boring and she is even in other social organizations. They are D1 basketball and baseball but if you are looking for what big football schools have this is a different type of school – an artsy school. Everyone is very focused on music and the school is strict. So, it depends what you are looking for in a school. She auditioned all over the nation yet there did not seem to be the perfect school with the perfect program — all seemed to be missing some aspect so she chose the program. I did just go see their Fall Musical and I was blown away by the entire cast’s talents and I am not easily impressed. Everyone single one of them had amazing vocals and talent! Check it out…

  17. Mike

    My daughter is an MT major at Semo. Over a good program but she needs to transfer out to another MT program somewhere somehow in the Midwest. I need to get her out of cape Gerardo ASAP! I need help from anyone with suggestions

  18. abbey pilling

    im from the uk and currently studying musical theatre at a btec and foundation degree level, does anyone know any universities which are good for musical theatre over in America? I would really like to find the best one.


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