CIM offers numerous scholarships for undergraduates including: the CIM Scholarship, a merit-based / need-informed award based on CIM faculty recommendations and your audition (the award is given for all four years of your education); the CIM Grant for significant financial need (to apply, you’ll need to complete the CIM NetPartner Application and FAFSA); and the CIM Endowed Scholarships based on criteria set by the donors.

The Cleveland Institute of music typically awards scholarships of approximately $25 thousand per student.

You can find out more about  addition scholarships and financial aid at CIM here.

If you need additional support to help fund other expenses, you can apply through FAFSA to maximize opportunities for receiving financial aid. Grants and loans from FAFSA can help pay for additional costs at CIM.

Is CIM Right for Me?

CIM is unique in that is offers both an urban setting and a relatively small student body at approximately 450 students, which makes it a strong candidate for those looking for both a city experience and a small campus experience.

Other great features about Cleveland are the low cost of living, the city’s diverse population, and the culture including the Cleveland Orchestra, Museum of Art, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Did we mention CIM students get a Frequent Fan Pass to Severance Hall that allows free access to all Cleveland Orchestra Concerts?

Combined with the impressive faculty, deep roots in the community, and emphasis on classical training, the Cleveland Institute of Music should be a strong contender on many aspiring musicians’ list.


For CIM and many other schools, the application process can be confusing and difficult to navigate. There are many parts to understanding how to truly and successfully succeed in the audition process.

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