Similar Schools & Ranking

Similar schools to Boston Conservatory would be independent conservatories, if considering classical music. Some of these would be New England Conservatory & San Francisco Conservatory.

Boston Conservatory is unique in that it is a conservatory with a top musical theatre program. While we often find many of the most prestigious musical theatre programs in major universities, Boston Conservatory’s musical theatre program is just as excellent as as any other top program.

I would rank the school among the top classical voice and musical theatre programs. Many of the faculty at the school are among the top teachers in the northeast, and for the student seriously considering this school, I would advise taking a visit or going to one of their many summer program offerings.


Boston Conservatory offers an impressive amount of scholarship and grants opportunities to help aspiring musicians fund their education. Scholarships include: the Conservatory Scholarship ranging from $1,000 to full tuition and the Presidential Scholarship Program awarding full tuition; there are also Pell Grants and Supplemental Education Opportunity (SEO) grants to help fund your tuition.

You can find a full list of funding opportunities at Boston Conservatory and how to apply for each here.

If you need additional support to help fund other expenses, you can apply through FAFSA to maximize opportunities for receiving financial aid. Grants and loans from FAFSA can help pay for additional costs at Boston Conservatory.

Is Boston Conservatory Right for Me?

To begin, we should admit our bias here at Music School Central as many of us call the city of Boston home.

That said, there is much to admire from the vibrant music scene, wonderful places to eat and shop, and the long winding parks and walking paths of the Emerald Necklace. (Oh, and some people seem to think we have the best sport franchises in the country).

Despite our love of the city, we are aware the cost of living in Boston is steep. Rent for a two-bedroom apartment in downtown Boston easily cost over $3,000 dollars! So, the expense of living in the city is certainly something to consider. That said, those looking for a top-notch music school with a small student body should seriously consider Boston Conservatory.

With an average total undergraduate enrollment of 570 students, the small size and a focus on performing arts make the school extremely attractive.


For Boston Conservatory and many other schools, the application process can be confusing and difficult to navigate. There are many parts to understanding how to truly and successfully succeed in the audition process.

At Music School Central, all of our students work closely with Bill Zuckerman, President of Music School Central, as well as his team of talented associates.

If you are interested in attending college for music, and you would like to receive high level assistance in how to audition, interview, and master the college application for Boston Conservatory or any other music school, check out Music School Central’s College Counseling Program.

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