5. University of North Carolina School of the Arts (Winston-Salem, NC)

One of the great arts schools in the country, UNCSA is a public institution dedicated to not only music, but also dance, drama, theatre, and film.

An excellent school at both the high school and college division, the program is a constituent program of University of North Carolina.

This school is particularly known for the excellence of its musical theatre program. UNCSA’s alumni are well-represented on Broadway; in fact, UNCSA is one of the top 10 most represented schools for New York City’s limelight.

UNCSA is famously known for being home to the Stevens Center, the most prominent performance facility in all of Winston-Salem. It opened in 1983 under the baton of Leonard Bernstein after a renovation that cost nearly $10m.

Every four years, the school puts on a massive Broadway-scale musical, inviting students from every program in the school to audition and participate in the extravaganza.

4. University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (Cincinnati, OH)

photo by fusion-of-horizons via Wikimedia Commons

Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music can easily deserve recognition on any top 10 music school list.

Cincinnati has perhaps the most selective musical theatre program in the country; consistently ranked among the very top programs in the country, alumni of the program are well-represented on Broadway.

The classical voice performance program at Cincinnati is particularly excellent. Each year, the school hosts two fully staged opera productions for students to participate in. This represents an unparalleled opportunity for students to have the highest levels of pre-professional experience.

Some of CCM’s top voice alumni in recent years have won coveted prizes for classical voice, including alumnus countertenor John Holiday, who last year won the prestigious Marian Anderson Vocal Award.

With nearly 1,000 performances staged each year at the school, CCM is an unbelievably great value for the cost.

3. Florida State University College of Music (Tallahassee, FL)

photo by Jackson Myers via Flickr Creative Commmons

One of the top music programs in the country, FSU delivers incredible value for its students.

What is unique about FSU is the diversity of offerings the school brings to the table for its students.

Having served music students for over 80 years, the school is unusual in that it has programs representing nearly every major area of a student’s interest: classical performance, jazz, musical theatre, and even contemporary commercial music.

Some faculty at FSU, particularly in the classical music division, are among the most decorated in their fields.

These include Jeff Keesecker, one of the top few bassoon teachers in the US, Andre Thomas, one of the most important choral conductors in the US, and Ellen Zwilich, notably the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize in Music.