Bill Zuckerman, Founder

Finding the right music college is about finding the right fit for your future.

I know this just as well as anyone else – I went to music school myself; those four years shaped me and my future like nothing else.

At the “right-fit” school, you are not only discovering what you like, but you are interacting with like-minded professors and students on the same mission as you – turning passion into profession.

The problem is, there are over 1000+ music programs at the college level internationally. What I find is that any two given schools may be polar opposites in their approach to teaching.

Juilliard and Berklee, for example, couldn’t be more different in their philosophies, yet they are both excellent for very specific and different students.

Additionally, getting into into a music school is challenging. There are many requirements, best practices, and “secrets” few people know about for getting accepted.

How It All Began

I was just 16 years old when I started my journey looking into college for music.

I remember feeling like there were a million options – it was strange to me how every musician had vastly different opinions on which schools were best. Just trying to find the right option for me could not have been more difficult.

Eventually, 18 months into my research, I had narrowed it down to six options for me. I finally felt I had the right path.

However, the stress was just getting started, as the application process turned out to be very difficult.

I was a music composition major, and so for me, that meant preparing for auditions, interviews, my original music portfolio, and at least a dozen other very important things like essays and the music resume.

Needless to say, this all felt hard going at it alone.

Eventually, the hard work paid off, and I was accepted with a 5-figure yearly scholarship into the University of Michigan.

Helping Others Succeed and Get Accepted

With all of these lessons learned from my own trials, I set out to help musicians get accepted into school.

My goal at the beginning was simple – I would not focus on getting music students into the “best reputation” school.

Rather, I would focus dramatically on helping students get accepted into the best-fit school for them, personally.

This is a lengthy process involving a deep dive into understanding the student, what their strengths are, what their career goals are, and what their family would like for them to have in a college.

Since 2015, I have now worked with almost musicians from 21+ different countries get accepted to Juilliard, Berklee, New England Conservatory, USC, and dozens of other top music schools.

Getting Started

Besides helping students get accepted into their best-fit schools, my mission is to help everyone – even those who cannot end up working with me – navigate this very tricky process.

I encourage you to start here – you can read many dozens of my articles about finding the right schools, the top schools in the country (which are, of course, lists based on my own opinion and experience), profiles about individual schools, and even advice for making a sustainable career in the music industry.

To your future in music!