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We’re not just simply musicians at Music School Central.

We’re professional college consultants and experts who have worked with students and faculty from nearly every major music school in the country.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of bad and ill-informed advice in the world about specific music colleges, their people, their accomplishments, and their ethics…

If you’re looking for solid, unbiased information on college music programs, you’ve come to the right place.

 At Music School Central, you will get nothing but highly respected opinions and research into excellent music schools, their faculty, and what their students have done.

Most Popular Music School Articles

If you are looking into college for music, here are several of the most popular articles on my website for you to get started with.

College Rankings

Are college rankings an exact science?

Absolutely not.

A not-so-great school for one person could be the best school for another.

The rankings lists on our website are designed to be used as a trusted starting point for looking into college music schools. They are solely our opinion, and are not meant to take the place of doing thorough research yourself into music schools.

But everyone needs to start somewhere, and we want to help you with that. Here’s our take on many of the top music colleges and their majors:


Strings Rankings

Vocal Performance Rankings

Woodwinds Rankings

Brass Rankings

Other Rankings

More College Articles

I sometimes write about specific schools, and sometimes I write about issues I find in higher music education.

Don’t be alarmed – every college major has its pros and cons. I address both throughout my site freely to give you a better understanding of the going-ons in college music programs.

Here are some more articles on music schools: