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A Former Dean of Admissions Comes Together With a Music College Graduate, Composer, and Journalist

Bill Zuckerman and Steve Lipman are widely considered to be two of the foremost authorities on US college music programs in the country.

Steve Lipman’s specialty in jazz performance, education, pop, and commercial genres is known throughout the world; the current president of the Jazz Education Network (JEN) describes him in the following way:

“Not only is Steve seemingly connected to everyone in the field; he deftly and tirelessly helps you navigate through the process of getting you to the right person, school or group.”

Bill and Steve

Me and Steve Lipman. I’m on the left, Steve is on the right. Photo by Shane Godfrey Photography

As the former Dean of Admissions and Assistant Vice President at Berklee College of Music, Steve reviewed tens of thousands of applications, sending to many of the world’s most famous musicians their letters of acceptance into college. Additionally, Steve also worked at Berklee as the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs.

Since leaving Berklee after a 40-year tenure, Steve has established his own boutique-level music college consulting practice. In this new role, Steve has assisted 92% of his students get into their top choice college, never having sent even one of his private clients to a “safety” school.

Some of the colleges his students have been accepted into include the Eastman School of Music, Berklee College of Music, the New School, the University of Miami Frost School of Music, NYU,  Harvard, and many more.

Bill Zuckerman is the founder of Music School Central, a website about college music programs garnering over 100,000+ unique website visitors every single month. It is perhaps the most popular website in the entire world on college music programs and music careers.

Rick Drumm, the former president of D’addario and Vic Firth, two of the world’s most prominent musical equipment designers, describes Music School Central as follows:

“Finally, (Bill provides) a comprehensive resource that gives potential and current music students the information they need to make informed decisions for their careers. Bill Zuckerman does a great job providing a balanced look at the real challenges and opportunities that face today’s music student and tomorrow’s music professional.”

Bill’s work as an insider journalist on music schools has been praised by the National Association for Education In Music, the country’s most prominent music education network.

Combined, Bill and Steve have guided dozens of music students into the colleges best for them.

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