The 10 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Music College Consulting

Having worked with dozens and dozens of clients, we know exactly what musicians and their families want to ask us.

Here are answers to the most common questions we get:

1. I Live Far Away From Boston. Can We Still Work Together?

Of course! We have clients all over the world.

Utilizing modern technologies like Skype, we are able to work with young musicians all throughout the US and internationally. We also collaborate frequently through email, speak through our conference line, and use advanced online project management tools.

Some features of our consulting packages, like our staged audition with a college faculty musician, can be done either where you live or in Boston. Although we prefer it when clients come to Boston for their mock audition (especially since we can then have the opportunity to show them the great music schools in Boston), we have connections to musicians all over the world and can provide an audition anywhere.

2. Do You Compose My College Resume and Essays for Me?

Absolutely not, and here’s why: to ensure students’ authenticity and personalities are patent, all essays and resumes that we review must be originally made by our clients. We will then suggest revisions to the documents appropriately and provide expert assistance in how to make your college applications documents, like your resume and essay, stand out above the rest.

3. I Am Not Sure I Wish to Attend a Conservatory-Style Music School. Can You Still Help Me?

Regardless of your desire to enroll into a conservatory-style music school or not, we can help you. As long as you have been studying music for at least two years and are very serious about attending college for music, we can assist you with your application, provide you professional, tailored solutions to help you where you want to go, and place you on the path to musical and career success.

4. How Many Students Do You Work With At a Time?

Not many – we only take on a limited, select number of clients to ensure each enrolled student receives a significant amount of time and personal attention. We do not accept applications year-round, only when we have available openings. Be sure to contact us before we are fully booked.

5. So How Does All of This Work?

After you have a free, no obligation phone call with Bill and Steve discussing what their services can offer for you, you sign a Consulting Agreement with us and submit a deposit as well.

Following that, you begin to work with us right away.  Depending on the tier of service you choose, we immediately set you up with a mock audition, staged interview,  list of “right-fit” colleges, etc. We also begin working on application materials you will use for college applications.

If you are enrolled in our Platinum Concierge Service, you will remain our client until the day you choose which college offer to accept.

6. What Is Your Success Rate?

Success is subjective and different for every client, but we can share a couple interesting statistics with you.

To date, college consultant Steve Lipman has had 92% of his students get accepted into their top choice school. Not one of his students has ever had to accept the offer of a “safety” school.

Many of his students have received scholarships from the colleges they applied for as well.

Most importantly, nearly every single student of Steve’s has been tremendously happy with the college Steve helped guide them to. Many of his past clients are now accomplishing quite a bit in their college careers.

7. Can Bill & Steve Speak At My School or Event?

Absolutely – Steve and Bill have both spoken at public events and schools 100s of times in various capacities. Contact Music School Central here to talk more about your inquiry.

8. When Is the Best Time to Work With You?

Preferably, we like to begin working with clients around 12 months before the application submission, in their junior year. We also regularly enroll students in their high school sophomore year (which is an excellent time to allow for superior preparation).

Keep these timetables in mind: the best pre-screening recordings are often made after a couple attempts and critiques. We require as much time as possible to have professionals that play your instrument critique this essential part of the application with you, ensuring maximal chances of success for your application to music school.

Additionally, compelling essays are not written overnight, and you can’t practice your way to excellence in a matter of a few weeks. The more time you have with us, the more time you will have polishing your talent credentials, assembling an excellent record and resume that will be competitive to top music schools.

9. I Graduated Many Years Ago, and Even Though I'm Not a High School or College Student, I Would Like to Pursue Music. Will You Help Me In This Endeavor?