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Going Above and Beyond

The services provided in our core college consulting program are designed to ensure maximal success for acceptance into the colleges best for you.

Still, some students and families who wish to go the extra mile in presenting the highest quality application possible may be interested in our “Deluxe Services” listed below.

Although such high-quality materials are not required for your application, showing a music school that you have distinguished, highly prepared application materials may do wonders for your chances in receiving not just an acceptance letter, but a merit scholarship as well.

Additionally, all of the services below are helpful, even required for aiding in the jump-starting of a successful music career.

Professional Studio Recording

The most important part of applying to college for music is demonstrating your professionalism and technical ability to admissions officers & professors. With our professional studio recording, mixing, editing, and mastering service, your CD and mp3 audition will stand out against the increasingly challenging competition.

  • Best Suited for: Performers & Composers in any genre.
  • How We Do It: We hire all studio musicians, then produce the recording in a select Boston studio. If you are a composer with a large ensemble/orchestral score, we can provide an orchestral recording at the most competitive rates available and produce/master the audio with our experienced engineers.
  • Why It Is Important: Many schools look to an audition CD not only to assess the ability of a student, but also to assess the candidacy for a merit scholarship. A professional studio recording may increase your chance to receive merit-based financial aid.
  • Price: Schedule a consultation to learn more about our deluxe service pricing.

High Definition Music & Repertoire Video

music video photo

Photo by Daniel_Sinoca (Pixabay)

Demonstrating your musical ability with a high-quality, professional, HD video could be beneficial for your application. Some applications require video auditions for performers. Many college applications have a section that asks for any extra materials that may make you stand out above the crowd – it is in this section many of our students have included the extra HD video.

  • Best Suited for: Performers in any genre as well as songwriters and popular-style artists.
  • How We Do It: We hire a professional, experienced videographer to shoot the video. We then edit and produce the footage using Boston’s finest music & video editors.
  • Why It Is Important: Many schools look will look at an HD video to assess the quality of a musician. Some music schools require a video audition; a professionally created HD quality video may put you in a class above the rest.
  • Price: Schedule a consultation to learn more about our deluxe service pricing.

Personal Website Design and Development

website photo

Photo by FirmBee (Pixabay)

Our websites are not your “average” musician websites – our sites place an intriguing emphasis on you as a musician, providing you a space on the web to show off your accomplishments and impassioned talent to college faculty, admissions officers, and music industry leaders.

  • Best Suited for: Performers, composers, and producers in any genre.
  • How We Do It: Stephen Chaloner, Web Development Director at Music School Central, works closely with founder Bill Zuckerman to make you an impeccable, professional website.
  • Why It Is Important: Having a professionally tailored website is no longer “optional” for aspiring professional musicians – it is fundamental to jumpstarting a music career. Additionally, colleges look to search engines and professional websites to check out the quality of their applicants.
  • Price: Schedule a consultation to learn more about our deluxe service pricing.

Premium Press Kit (Hard Copy and Electronic)

Are you looking to get your name out there, lifting your music career off the ground? It is never too early to start, and there is never a better time to create a professional grade press kit than now. With our services, we can create an electronic and hard copy press kit essential when promoting yourself to music industry professionals.

  • Best Suited for: Performers, songwriters, & composers working in any genre looking to jumpstart their career.
  • How We Do It: With Steve Lipman’s decades of experience composing and reviewing press kits from musicians all over the world, we know exactly how to produce the press kit that gets noticed, wins gigs, auditions, awards, and more.
  • Price: Schedule a consultation to learn more about our deluxe service pricing.

Discounts to These Services

If you end up selecting more than one of the services above, we will discount them for you at the following rates:

  • Engaging in any two of the above services will discount 10% off the total listed price of the combined services.
  • Engaging in any three of the above services will discount 15% off the total listed price of the combined services.
  • Engaging in all four services of the above will discount 20% off the total listed prices of the combined services.

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