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Choosing the Right Music School Can Be Difficult, Confusing, and Stressful

At Music School Central, we understand how difficult, confusing, and stressful the college admissions process can be for music students.

We understand that there is so much for you to consider when choosing the music school best for you or the musician in your family.

To start, for most musicians, finding a school with top-notch faculty is key.

But, that is only the beginning…

You also have to think about a college’s culture, performance opportunities, general educational philosophy, atmosphere, location.

You have to think about the type of college you can see yourself succeeding at, whether it is a conservatory-like setting in a major city, a college in a quiet, suburban town, or perhaps a large, sprawling university campus.

When preparing your applications, you must also consider your resume, recommendation letters, personal statements, essays, pre-screening recording, auditions, interviews.

Don’t forget, you also have to think about financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

That is a whole lot to think about.

Thankfully, the Music College Admissions Process Doesn’t Have to Be So Challenging.

Bill and Steve

Me and Steve Lipman. I’m on the left, Steve is on the right. Photo by Shane Godfrey Photography

Music School Central’s Bill Zuckerman, founder of the website, as well as Steve Lipman, seasoned music college consultant and former Dean of Admissions/Assistant Vice President at Berklee College of Music, offer a full suite of advising assistance.

Together, they have formed Music College Consulting Services; designed to help the most dedicated, passionate musicians get accepted to the music colleges best suited for their unique needs and aspirations, this boutique consulting service is now available to musicians of any age looking into music schools.

In Bill & Steve’s several years as independent music college consultants, they have had 92% of their clients get accepted into one of their top-two choice schools. None of the students enrolled in their college consulting services to date have ever had to attend a “safety” school.

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“I strongly believe that any student interested in attending a music school should contact Steve and Bill from Music School Central as soon as possible.  The information and assistance we received from them was truly invaluable…they knew exactly the type of program and school that would be a perfect fit for my daughter.” -Lily Bellini, Parent Read More Testimonials

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