Client Testimonials

Testimonials below are from clients who have worked with Bill and/or Steve for college consulting:

From Rebecca Lambeth, Parent:

“Thank you for the report and recommendations. But, even more important, thank you for helping Tyler focus and develop his thoughts on what he wants to do and the type of programs he wants to pursue in college. Not only did you help him move down this road, but I can see a big increase in his self-confidence from talking and working with you.”

From Lily Bellini, Parent:

“I strongly believe that any student interested in attending a music school should contact Steve and Bill from Music School Central as soon as possible.  The information and assistance we received from them was truly invaluable.  They worked with my daughter in selecting schools that had the specific type of program she wanted, including schools that we were not aware of.  They also helped us figure out reach, match and safety schools which is so important in the competitive field of music.

They, along with their team, also walked my daughter through the entire audition process and were very thorough about going over her strengths and weaknesses and identifying specific areas for her to work on.  The tips and advice she received…were exactly what she needed to prepare for her music auditions.  They were even able to help her narrow down audition songs as well as figure out how to show an admission committee what sets her apart from other music students.

Although they were kind enough to accommodate us late in the process, I wish I had contacted them earlier because prior to meeting them, we wasted time and money visiting schools that my daughter ultimately was not interested in.  Steve and Bill’s guidance would have spared us this because after getting to know us, they knew exactly the type of program and school that would be a perfect fit for my daughter.”

From Michelle C, Parent:

“I found out about Bill late in the application process, and all I have to say is that I wish I had found out about him sooner. The process is so complicated, and Bill made everything perfectly clear. He knew the ins and outs of the process itself but also was able to talk about which programs might be the best fit for my son. He also in-depth knowledge of programs and a good perspective on the earnings and employment landscape for future musicians and composers. I highly recommend him and his company.”

From Paul P, Parent:

“One thing that was quite amazing to me was how engaged in the process my son was…and how much your report has boosted his confidence and excitement about going to college. This is a kid who just 18 months ago was adamant that he didn’t want to go to college and didn’t see the point, since he didn’t want to be an engineer like his brother…Quite a turnaround. Even more remarkable is his idea that he wants to be a music professor, and is talking about going all the way to a phd to get it.”

From Tracy Allen, Parent:

traci allen“Working with Steve Lipman for the college application process was the best decision I could have made as a parent. From the very beginning he worked with my daughter and I to create a personalized strategic road map for the entire college application process, which included interviews, auditions, applications, and scholarship guidance. What I appreciated most was his honesty, inside knowledge (secrets) of the process and expert understanding of what colleges and universities look for and expect in applicants.”

From Henry Godfrey, Student:

H. Godfrey“Steve helped me find colleges that weren’t just strong in music; he helped me find colleges that offered exactly the kind of musical experience I was looking for. Over the course of my college search, Steve put me in contact with the right people at each college I visited and even arranged a mock audition and interview with actual admissions faculty. Thanks to Steve, I was able to nail my auditions, keep my applications in order and choose the right college for my interests.”

From Kodey Brims, Student:

Kodey Brims“Steve helped my dreams of studying contemporary music in the United States become a reality with his extensive knowledge of the higher education system, the application process and what school would be the right fit for me. Being an international student from Brisbane, Australia, the whole process of applying and auditioning for music colleges in America seemed very daunting but through Steve’s help I was able to find the right school and now I am absolutely loving it! Steve gave me invaluable confidence and guidance through the whole application process and made the entire experience both for me and my family positive and stress-free.”

From Frank Hemerlein, Parent:

“I just wanted to let you know that Dan received acceptance letters from the Hartt School, Berklee, NYU, and Temple! Thanks again for everything.”

From Scott Forman, Parent:

“Steve and his staff have been very helpful in not only arranging tours of schools we are interested in, but also securing private meetings with admissions people and department heads. We even got to sit in on an ensemble at the New School that I was not able to secure myself. Steve has a solid reputation with these institutions and a great knowledge of what each has to offer. That was something we were looking for in a consultant and we are very pleased with the services he has provided thus far.”

From Carol and Lawrence McIntyre, Parents:

“Steve Lipman was the secret of success to acceptance at all the top music schools–with scholarships! He provided outstanding individualized attention every step of the way, from compiling a target list of an appropriate range of schools, to preparing for auditions and interviews, to competing for scholarships, and finally to choosing the best fit school, which turned out to be the absolute right choice. His incredibly strong network of contacts facilitated meetings with students and faculty at prospective schools across the country, and his insider knowledge of current programs alone is worth the price of admission. Steve’s wise counsel was invaluable!”

From Kevin Myers, Student:

“Hey Steve. I’m writing to tell you the good news. I got accepted into my first-choice college this week! I want to thank you again for your support and all the help you have given me. It really helped a lot.”

From Zak Kuhn, Student:

“Steve was an incredible help throughout the whole college process. He goes above and beyond to be more than just a college counselor. He researched and found a great guitar teacher for me when I was in need of one and he also set up mock auditions and interviews, which were invaluable. Even after the process, he still acts like a mentor in so many ways. For example, Steve helped me figure out which classes to register for and connected me with other students who were attending my college. Steve makes himself available to answer any short (or long) questions, and always responds to emails quickly. Overall, Steve took away a lot of the stress of the college application process and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking at music schools!”

From Ethan Cohen, Student::

“Thanks for everything Steve. I was very reluctant to use any sort of college counseling, but I’m eating my words because you were totally worth it. ”

Testimonials below are from industry professionals who know Bill and/or Steve

From Rick Drumm, Former President of Vic Firth, Former President of D’addario, 35-Year Music Industry Veteran:

Rick Drumm Photo Head Shot“Finally, a comprehensive resource that gives potential and current music students the information they need to make informed decisions for their careers. Bill Zuckerman does a great job providing a balanced look at the real challenges and opportunities that face today’s music student and tomorrow’s music professional.”

From Caleb Chapman, President, Chapman Music Institute, Salt Lake City, UT:

“Steve has been an incredible asset to our program over the last five years. His advice to me, and to the students directly, has resulted in the placement of many of our musicians in top programs nationally, including Juilliard, Berklee, USC, Miami, the New School, and North Texas. Steve knows this space better than anyone!”

From Bob Sinicrope, Director of Jazz Studies, Milton Academy, Milton, MA, President of Jazz Education Network:

“Steve is a consummate professional in all areas of popular music education. The depth and extent of what he offers is astounding. Not only is he seemingly connected to everyone in the field; he deftly and tirelessly helps you navigate through the process of getting you to the right person, school or group. He provides a wealth of knowledge, total commitment, and incredible skills and is a pleasure to work with.”

Trudy Green, Artist Manager at HK Management, Los Angeles, CA:

 “Knowing you and working with you has always been a pleasure. You were there for my son when he wanted to go to Berklee College of Music and you have been there for my clients throughout the years who have wanted to perform or give lectures or workshops there. You are the highest professional and have the most integrity, and it has been a joy to work with you over the years.”