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Hey, I'm Bill,Are you...Struggling looking into music colleges?Concerned about your music career?I know how you feel, I've been there.And I Can Help You

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Bill Zuckerman


Hey! I'm the founder of Music School Central, as well as a classically trained composer. I write articles about music colleges and careers, counsel young musicians, and give my readers opinions straight from someone who lives in the industry.

Steve Lipman

Music College Consultant

My music college counseling partner Steve worked for 40 years at the Berklee College of Music in various roles, including Dean of Admissions. He is a respected music college consultant who has sent dozens of students to top-choice schools

Stephen Chaloner

Web Direction

Steve is a casual guitarist, pianist, indie-rock lover, and a former Brown University Art concentrator. Now he does web work, and helps out tremendously with Music School Central

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Clients of Bill and Steve have been accepted into:


"Finally, a comprehensive resource that gives potential and current music students the information they need to make informed decisions for their careers. Bill Zuckerman does a great job providing a balanced look at the real challenges and opportunities that face today’s music student and tomorrow’s music professional."
- Rick Drumm, Former President of Vic Firth Company, Former President of D'addario, 35-year Music Industry Executive

"Being an international student from Brisbane, Australia, the whole process of applying and auditioning for music colleges in America seemed very daunting; through Steve’s help, I was able to find the right school and now I am absolutely loving it! Steve gave me invaluable confidence and guidance through the whole application process and made the entire experience both for me and my family positive and stress-free."
- Kodey Brims, Current Student @ Berklee College of Music

"Working with Steve Lipman for the college application process was the best decision I could have made as a parent. From the very beginning he worked with my daughter and I to create a personalized strategic road map for the entire college application process, which included interviews, auditions, applications, and scholarship guidance. What I appreciated most was his honesty, inside knowledge (secrets) of the process and expert understanding of what colleges and universities look for and expect in applicants. "
- Traci Allen, Parent

"Steve helped me find colleges that weren’t just strong in music; he helped me find colleges that offered exactly the kind of musical experience I was looking for. Over the course of my college search, Steve put me in contact with the right people at each college I visited and even arranged a mock audition and interview with actual admissions faculty. Thanks to Steve, I was able to nail my auditions, keep my applications in order and choose the right college for my interests."
- Henry Godfrey, Student


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